College Without Student Loans


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Learn how to pay for College without piling on debt through Student Loans. ($6.95 will be charged for S&H)

College Without Student Loans

Learn how to pay for College without piling on debt through Student Loans. ($6.95 will be charged for S&H)

College Acceptance Profile

College Acceptance Profile - Students can make improved decisions on where to apply for college if they knew how they compared to other students competing for admissions. CAP provides the unique insight of how an admissions committee will view each individual student at the various schools throughout the company.
Filling out one application within the program, each student will be able to learn where they rank compared to the previous incoming freshmen classes at each individual school. Knowledge of ranking in the top 10%, 50%, or bottom 10% will increase their understanding of the competition level at that specific institution.
Understanding the outcomes prior to making application eliminates excess costs and the time to fill out unproductive documents. Each application takes 2-10 hours to complete, with the accompany fees of $100+ per application. Additionally, greater predictability of admission acceptance reduces stress not only for the student but also the entire family.

The program results are a valuable tool when constructing a list of colleges focusing only on making application with high percentile acceptance and possible improving financial aid awards or negotiable position.

Directions - Focus 2

SAT/ACT Diagnostics - Each person needs to define where they are currently and then where they want to have as a destination. High School students expand their awareness to career options that fit and match personality, skills, and compatibilities. This allows for individual objectives and goal development based upon enhanced knowledge.

This is a powerful resource when deciding upon the major of study and level of education or skill knowledge necessary to reach each person’s ultimate destination. The benefits of using this program include building confidence based upon greater knowledge, while saving time and costs associated with changing directions multiple times.

Leading career exploration software that;
1. Matches Personality traits with potential careers (2,000+)
2. Individual career insights for future demand, income, skill and education requirements
3. Compares individual profile with typical profile for each career
This is the initial step for creating a destination target when planning a pathway post graduation.

SAT/ACT Diagnostics

SAT/ACT Diagnostics - 40% of Students are suited best for the SAT, 40% of Students fit best for the ACT, 20% of Students will perform equally well for either test. The average student will take 4.3 tests versus 1.8 tests based upon the diagnostic results.
This knowledge of which test ideally fits the individual student is important for decisions when selecting a test prep course to learn the tips and tricks for each test. Making sure a student is able score their best assists in gaining acceptance to many colleges. Admissions committees review test scores as G.P.A. verification metric, an important decision factor for many schools.
Time, Cost, and Reduced Stress of multiple tests are the benefits to justify this diagnostic test.