Why is SAFE Steps important?

Families, both parents and students, learn the skills for effective communication and decision making which are critical to reducing the daily stress in our lives.

What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills (also called life skills, interpersonal skills or future-proof skills) increase your ability to maintain high levels of Self Esteem, Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving and Service to Others when pressured with the life challenges. Soft skills increase your ability to apply the hard skills like math and science taught in school.

Are soft skills teachable?

Absolutely! Any skill is something that can be learned, and soft skills are no different. The more you practice these skills the better your results.

Why is SAFE Steps recommending learning these skills at home as a family?

Today, with everyone’s increasingly busy schedules, this is more and more of a challenge. SAFE Steps is a well-defined program which requires committed effort to achieve the best results. Each lesson includes a family discussion on implementation and practice of the skills learned.

My kids already have a packed schedule, how much time will this take?

We understand how busy life can get, in fact this is exactly one of the reasons, improved time management, you need this program. SAFE Steps lessons are designed to be completed within 20-30 minutes per week, an investment in your family’s success.

How do theSAFE Steps lessons work?

Your family will gain access to one or two lessons per week through our membership website www.thesafesteps.com. Each lesson consists of a short (3-5 minute) video, a pdf summary, and additional support resources. There is a quick 4-5 question knowledge check to verify comprehension of each lesson. Once the family answers at least 75% of the questions correctly (they can retake the checkup as often as necessary) they can move on to the next lesson.

How will SAFE Steps help my family?

Improving soft skills helps every area of life. Some of our participants have reported reduced stress, anxiety and depression. Many experience feeling more confident with their decisions, and improving their communication with friends, teachers, and family. Universities like Harvard, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon based upon their studies agree that success today is 85% soft skills and 15% hard skills. Significant in either personal or professional lives.

Do you have a list of the SAFE Steps lessons?

Click here for a list of the 52 lessons included in Level 1.