What I wish someone would have told me about Time Management

October 10, 2017 15:30 |

Introduce tips for time management and staying organized.

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Finding the balance between school, friends and family can be challenging and will only get more complicated in college or in life after high school! I wish someone would have given me some advice.

When tackling managing my own time, I start each day by making a to-do list. I write down the most important things at the top and go from there. I try to get the things at the top done first. They normally are the things I don’t like to do like errands, chores or difficult research. In the past they were essays, research projects and studying for exams. If I get through everything on my list, I reward myself! The point is, I motivate myself to do everything on my list, no matter how unpleasant because I know I’m getting something tasty out of it!

Another way I manage my time is with an organized planner and calendar. The important thing is to write down everything! Keep your paperwork organized, that goes for notes, syllabi, and homework. You should know where everything is and easily accessible. Sometimes it’s good to keep work on you, in case of long car rides or sibling’s sports games.

Creating a set study schedule is crucial to studying effectively. You should try to study around the same time in a similar environment that provides you with what you need to concentrate and get your work done effectively. Remember to either shut off your phone or put it on silent and put it away completely. It can only be a distraction!

The thing that always gets me, as I’m sure it gets a lot of you, is procrastination. It is so easy to push off to tomorrow what you should do today. I’m guilty of it! A few tips I’ve learned are always break down big projects and always refer back to my to-do list. What are my top priorities? What is on top? If I haven’t done it yet, I just have to do it! If a project is huge, how can I break it up into bite size pieces? I like to do them over weeks instead of cramming stuffing into a couple days.

Try implementing these time management strategies now, so you can get great at scheduling and organizing your life for the future. Not only can these skills be used in college but also in your future career!