The Case of the Time Thief, Detectives Required

October 10, 2017 16:08 |

Critically think about time management. Read the following description of Stephanie’s day and figure out what she could have done differently. Reflect.

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This scenario is a reference from this link.

Stephanie is always willing to go the extra mile, but she is really bad at managing her time. After a weekend full of family, fun, and going out with friends, Stephanie wakes up Monday morning and rushes to school where she is busy until noon. During lunch, she quickly eats her meal and chats with her best friends. She finishes the rest of her classes, then jets to the locker room where she talks for another thirty minutes until basketball practice begins.

After practice, Stephanie realizes her English paper and Algebra homework are due first thing tomorrow morning. But she has a volunteer meeting soon, and then she has to get home to watch her brother. When will she have time to work on her homework?

What went wrong?

Ask your parents, what their suggestions would be and compare.