How to Tidy Up Your Study Space

November 17, 2017 14:43 |

Set yourself up for success with school by organizing your supplies and maintaining a clutter-free desk for studying.

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Here is a quick tip guide for tidying up your study space according to a great article by the Huffington Post.

Write down everything in a planner and stay on top of deadlines. I use a planner and it helps me see in advance when I have projects due and allows me to set myself little deadlines along the way. Color coding can really help keep things organized. When I am writing in my planner, I use different colors to represent different areas of my life. For example: I use red for work, blue for home stuff, green for errand and purple for my social life.

A desk is great for setting designated study time and for organizing your books and supplies. Make sure to keep your textbooks all in the same place. I have a desk where I store all of my work stuff. I never need to swivel far to find just what I am looking for. However, the same goes for my personal stuff. I keep all of my important information in the same area so I know just where to find it.

Keep your bag/backpack organized and make sure to keep just 1 main bag so things don’t get misplaced. This was a huge issue for me in High School. It was super cool to have a school bag that matched your outfit, so naturally, I switched from bag to bag on a day to day basis. You can see how I ended up leaving certain items or folders in one bag and needing them on another day. Big mistake!

The last tip is to start to file your important documents and anything important given to you by school or your parents. I know filing sounds boring and like something your parents do, but I promise you’ll be thankful later when you can find everything!