Games to Teach Financial Literacy

October 05, 2017 14:21 |

An introduction to games to teach students about money.

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Caspar Rubin

This article by Andrew Miller, highlights some games to teach financial literacy. Another Edutopia writer, Brian Page, has selected 3 of his favorite games.

In Bite Club, students manage a “day club” for vampires. The techniques taught are servicing debt, spending money and saving for the future. The 3 learning objectives are: saving for retirement, pay down debt and manage current consumptions. 

Brian Page prefers Bite Club “as a game-based learning day alternative, and as an anchor activity. It is clearly the online game of choice of my female students. I recommend the game for high school age students."

In Gen i Revolution, the students get a chance to compete against each other while learning important personal finance skills. There are 15 rescue missions. While Page believes this game is best for middle school students, "The game is accompanied with 21 lessons that correlate with each mission. The lessons add value, but they are not necessary for an engaging and exciting learning experience."

In Financial Football, students learn about money management skills. The students compete to answer scenario-based, financial questions to earn yardage and score touchdowns. This game is fast paced and interactive.

It’s super important to understand personal finance, so why not make it fun with any of these sites!