College Admissions Is More Than Just Your Test Scores

November 10, 2017 15:11 |

Students should not be so focused on test scores and GPA, but on extra circulars. It is the extra activities that a student is involved in that shows colleges how well-rounded they are.

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Tim Gouw

The whole time I was in middle and high school, I was told that it was important to focus on school, grades and test scores and it was less important to focus on your extra activities. Luckily for me, I was already involved in multiple sports, was interested in being a part of ASB (the student body) and had been in Girl Scouts since I was 5. Balancing school and my extra-circulars was tiresome and overwhelming at times, but it taught me time management.

Colleges now are reporting that it is in fact the extra activities that students participate in that show they are well-rounded, balanced students. Admissions boards want to see if a student will mesh with the environment on the school, will you be school obsessed or be involved in different associations and clubs on campus? It has been said that college is the best time in a young person’s life and I agree. Admissions boards don’t want to rob you of that experience, so they are trying to make sure you will fit and match with the culture of the school.

However, if you are shy or your high school or you don’t have the resources to be involved, don’t worry about being less of a candidate. Use your application to highlight other special qualities. Just show you are excited about learning and that you want to be a positive impact on campus. Your application is an opportunity to show the admissions board just how fabulous and special you are!

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