4 Myths About Athletic Scholarships

October 06, 2017 16:51 |

Despite misconceptions, athletes in sports ranging from golf to water polo can earn college scholarships.

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Bruce Mesa Sr. knew a football scholarship could be a possibility when recruiters started visiting to see his son play as a junior at Catholic Memorial High School in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

An offensive lineman, Bruce Mesa Jr. was one of the few in the school's history to play all four years on the varsity team.

Mesa Sr. knew his son wasn't going to play for a NCAA Division I school – at 6'2" Mesa Jr. didn't have the height – but by focusing on smaller colleges, Mesa Jr. received some generous scholarship offers.

"He got a very handsome offer from St. Xavier," Mesa says, adding that St. Xavier University's estimated cost of attendance is more than $45,000 per year. "He had to take out a Stafford loan for $5,500. They paid the rest, but you do still have to pay a portion."